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The annual maintenance period is coming up again. Do you also offer cab filter changes in your workshop within this framework? In addition to oil changes and air conditioning service, checking the cab filters in tractors and construction machinery is also an important and, depending on the type of filter, annual service. This is because the filters in the cab perform an enormously important task: They clean the outside air before it enters the cab interior.

The contaminants and pollutants encountered in the agriculture sector mean that regular cab filter changes are essential to ensure a safe working environment. Another problem is that tractor cabs tend to only be fitted with standard filters. These only filter out unpleasant odours and airborne particles such as dust and pollen, but the amount of pollutants in the breathable air remains high. Higher-quality filters made of materials such as activated carbon also remove pollutants and noxious gases. This prevents pesticides and fungicides from entering the cab unchecked during work in the field.


Did you know that activated carbon filters should be changed annually?

Standard cab filters should be changed after 500 operating hours. Activated carbon filters come to the end of their life after a year when the filter performance significantly decreases and dirt particles, pollutants and noxious gases can no longer be filtered out, which can be dangerous for the driver.

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We are pleased to offer a wide range of products from European cab filter experts Panclean. The Italian original equipment manufacturer produces all of its filters in Europe and carries out extensive quality checks at all stages of the production process, from the production of individual components right through to the finished product. Standard, pollen and dust filters, plus three-layer activated carbon filters capable of filtering airborne particles, aerosols and vapours can be found in the GRANIT webshop. You are guaranteed to find suitable products for all common manufacturers and machine types.


Check out our extensive Panclean range in the GRANIT webshop now, and share the benefits of a cab filter change with your customers.


 Here are a few more tips for the correct handling of cab filters


 • Never clean dirty filters using compressed air! This can damage the filters, whereby the filter performance is no longer guaranteed.
 • Do not wash dirty cab filters! This can also lead to damage.
 • Never shake or beat out! Contained pollutants are released and can be inhaled.
 • Dirty cabin filters should never be installed! Filtering performance is no longer guaranteed.
 • Cabin filters should not be used beyond the expiry date! The filter performance decreases significantly due to contamination.



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